VRP -VINYL Record Pressing- from Florida, USA shares the following video link with us to show us their passion for producing top quality vinyl records;

Pressing matters in August; NEWBILT organizes LP pressing demonstrations at its Alsdorf facility on August 4 and 5 as well as on the 24th. and the 26th. Interested and you want to have a closer look? Please contact us.  

July 2016; NEWBILT successfuly completes the installation of the stamper making equipment sold earlier and receives another firm order for a new Duplex vinyl record replication system for delivery later this year.

June 2016; NEWBILT receives firm orders for new pressing and stamper making equipment to increase the production capacity at two existing european vinyl record manufacturing plants.

May 2016; In their new pressing plant in South America our first customer produces first ever vinyl records on NEWBILT machinery. Here is a link to some videos.     

April 2016; with recently secured orders NEWBILT Duplex systems will increase production capacity this year in  Argentina, Michigan, Florida, Europe, and Asia.  

February 2016; first series of NEWBILT Duplex systems sold out with the recent sale of yet another Duplex system for the American market.   

Vinyl record presses hit the market after a 30-year break NEWBILT machinery to deliver multiple Duplex systems to TMV 

NEWBILT machinery to ship first Duplex system to South America.

NEWBILT presses

NEWBILT Duplex system